Saturday, 6 March 2010

Transparency and its importance to the True Leader

Transparency is a relatively new buzz word being used to evoke the belief that a statement being made is true as well as its associated motives. The dictionary defines transparency as "capable of being seen through"; in a business sense transparency can be defined as being without guile or concealment, open, frank and candid - in other words not just shrink wrapped!

In order to create a transparent organisation leaders at the top must believe in and support a culture of candour buy not demonstrating dishonesty and discrimination in any part of the daily processes and functions of the organisation.

Friday, 5 March 2010

The Future of Training and Development

Now that the UK economy is edging towards recovery it is vital that organisations move their attention away from survival and invest in and equip their staff and leaders with training and development.

Throughout 2009 training and development was a very low priority for UK organisations, with the main focus being organisational maintenance and profit maximisation. Investing in training and development during 2010 will play a key role in ensuring a proactive and positive response to the difficult challenges which lie ahead during the upturn.

Monday, 15 February 2010

The true power of being a Mindful Leader....

I have just listened to an exciting Podcast by Daniel Goleman (the author and leading researcher of Emotional Intelligence) where he interviews John Kabat Zinn who is known internationally for his research within the subject field of Mindfulness.

By simply following and practicing the simple principles of being Mindful you will achieve astounding results as an individual and as a leader.

'Being' an emotionally intelligent coach...

I would like to share with you my top tips as a successful 'Emotionally Intelligent Coach' with Different Dynamics.

I find the subject of Emotional Intelligence extremely interesting and there is an ever increasing awareness of its advantages with tangible results showing how the Emotionally Intelligent Leader is having a major positive impact upon their teams and business results!

All of our exciting Leadership work at Different Dynamics is underpinned by the values of Emotional Intelligence.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Managing Relationships

Unless you live in complete isolation (why are you reading this if you are?!), you will meet and interact with people on a daily basis. Sometimes you may not always empathise with or like these people, but you are continually creating relationships which need to be managed.

The relationships you have created in your personal life - such as those with your friends, partner, children, siblings or parents - have usually happened without conscious thought. They have been created through a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience which affect the interactions within them.

Professional relationships are a different matter, workplace relationships take on a new and different importance.

Monday, 1 February 2010

A personal experience of Emotional Intelligence as a Leader...

I recently took Voluntary Redundancy at an extremely well known 'Blue Chip' UK based company where I was fortunate enough to have had a very interesting career with many rewarding experiences. This company is currently headline news, sadly for problematic ongoing Industrial Relations.

As a Leader in this company I was responsible for a team of twenty people. I knew the significance of choosing to lead from Personal Power rather than Positional Power, knowing and understanding what 'drives' me and others to do well. I am also aware of how my thoughts and feelings impact upon me which in turn would impact upon my team in every situation!

A Leadership thought...

Our Leadership beliefs have changed in recent years, as today Leadership is about engaging people's hearts and minds so that we all have a common purpose and goal - gone are the days of big titles, vast offices and huge desks!

Today Leadership is about the Leader as an individual,what 'drives' them (their Internal Compass) and how this impact on those they lead.